By Claire Stern
Updated Oct 26, 2013 @ 6:01 pm
Credit: Courtesy Netflix; Splash News

Blame it on the day job. Orange Is the New Black star Taylor Schilling, who plays WASPy blonde inmate Piper Chapman on the Netflix hit series, is slowly eliminating the color orange from her wardrobe since having to wear her signature prison jumpsuit on the show. We caught up with the actress on Wednesday night at the Whitney Studio Party held at Skylight at Moynihan Station, where she decided to forgo her character’s fiery-hued prison get-up in favor of an elegant white Louis Vuitton cap-sleeve dress with a black floral print “I think I’m wearing less orange,” Schilling told of her outfit rotation. “I feel like if I wear orange now, I’m bizarrely connected to the show—it’s like if I wore a sweatshirt or something that had my face on it. It’s a little weird.” Instead, the actress has been wearing a plethora of other colors (like pink!) to brighten her wardrobe.

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