This Orange Is the New Black Teaser Will Have You So Ready for Season 5

When we left off with the quirky inmates of Litchfield Correctional Facility, matters were tense, to say the least.

If you recall, Daya (Dascha Polanco) found herself in a precarious situation—pointing a gun at CO Humphrey while her fellow prisoners cheered her on, encouraging her to pull the trigger.

In our first look at season 5, we pick up exactly where we left off—Daya’s still conflicted, her peers rioting behind her. Nearby, Alex (Laura Prepon) and Piper (Taylor Schilling) vow to stay out of trouble (we’ll see how long that lasts …), avoiding the tense situation with CO Humphrey.

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In the teaser’s final moments, a shot is fired, silencing the prisoners (!!!). Did Daya shoot Humphrey? Did Daya fire at the wall to shut everyone up? TOO MANY QUESTIONS.

Luckily, we have less than two months to speculate until our curiosities are put to rest. New episodes of Orange Is the New Black will be available on Netflix on June 9.

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