Orange Is the New Black's Resident Hairstylist (and Breakout Star) Laverne Cox Is Our New Beauty Idol

Laverne Cox
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We're ready to call it: Laverne Cox is our new beauty idol. One of the breakout stars of the critically acclaimed Orange Is the New Black, which had many of us binge-watching Season 2 episodes all weekend, has also been in the spotlight as the first transgendered person ever to land on the cover of Time. Through all her photo calls, red carpet appearances, and promotional interviews, Cox has consistently looked flawless. We've come to rely on the blonde glamazon for a heaping dose of gorgeous.

Let's worship a bit, shall we?

With her glowing skin, perfect pout, and a superhuman mastery of eyeliner, Cox's style is nothing short of sublime. When we asked her to spill her secrets, she delivered! The actress dished about her never-fail products, who her style inspiration is, and her DIY beauty secret (hint: it involves a black Sharpie!).

Your skin is always glowing! What is your beautiful skin secret?I try to keep it all really simple. Years ago, this queen I worked with suggested I wash my face with baby shampoo. I have been using it ever since. I love makeup and wear lots of it but always wash it off at the end of the day with baby shampoo.

What’s the one step in your beauty routine you never skip?When I want to wear makeup but not too much, the least I wear is pressed powder, L'Oréal True Match, and Revlon Grow Luscious mascara.

Now that you’re a big TV star, have you picked up any new beauty tips or tricks from all your time spent on set?I am obsessed with contouring. My makeup artist, Deja Davenport, contours my face with a cream stick. Before we powder. I have always contoured with powder. They are both valid techniques, but she is pushing me to try new things which is great.

I am also trying to learn her technique for applying lashes. I am good, but she gives me that Kevyn-Aucoin-arched-double-lash fantasy that's just ultra glam.

On Orange is the New Black, your character Sophia keeps herself and her cellmates as glam as possible with little DIY beauty innovations. Do you have any DIY beauty hacks that would make Sophia proud?This is very DIY but I have used a black Sharpie to give dark roots to my wigs for a little ombré affect. But it works.

Who’s your beauty icon?Beyoncé. All day, everyday. If pretty hurts she must be in a lot of pain.

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