Actress Danielle Brooks attends 2015 Fragrance Foundation Awards at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center on June 17, 2015 in New York City.
Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic

Whether she's hosting a funeral for Litchfield's bedbug-ridden books or giving a nod to Cedric Diggory mid-conversation, Taystee, played by Danielle Brooks, manages to steal the spotlight in just about every scene with her quick wit and genius pop culture references. Last night at the Fragrance Foundation Awards in New York City (and after our 13-episode binge...), the Orange Is the New Black star spilled the details on her favorite moment to film from the current season, and—spoiler alert—it was one of ours, too. "My scene in episode 4 with Uzo Aduba where we mourn the loss of Vee was my favorite to film," Brooks tells InStyle. "It was just one of those moments you hope for as an actor, and getting to do that and work with her, the moment felt very spiritual."

Considering the fact that the rest of us were crying in tandem with both Taystee and Crazy Eyes, it was no surprise that every avid Orange fan with internet access sounded off in 140 characters or less with their own reactions. "Oh man, the response has been so overwhelming—our fans are so loyal and amazing. We just did Orange Con, and there was such an outpour of love from our old fans, and we have a lot of new fans, which is really fun," Brooks adds. "I feel like right now, social media is the new autograph or fan letter. Everyone is so vocal on Twitter and Instagram, and we do this thing every week called Taystee Tuesday, it's really cool!"

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