Everything You Need to Know About Orange Is the New Black Season 4

Photo: JoJo Whilden/Netflix

Whether or not you've already binge-watched Orange Is the New Black, chances are you can't stop theorizing about what went down this season, or replaying that soul-crushing episode over and over in your head (seriously, we're still crying). If you've found yourself in a black hole wanting to know everything there possibly is to know about the ladies of Litchfield, fear not: We've got tons of exclusive interviews, beauty secrets, and behind-the-scenes gossip from set to keep you occupied until the show makes its triumphant return ... in one year.

VIDEO: The Orange Is the New Black Cast Members Love Each Other—and It’s the Cutest Thing

Here, find out which scene was a nightmare to film, why the series is all about girl power, and get the low-down on Piper's ever-changing temperament. For juicy details from season 4, watch Adrienne C. Moore's live broadcast on InStyle's Facebook page, or read our Q&A with newbie Jolene Purdy, aka Hapakuka. If you're viewing plans include a party, you'll want our foolproof guide, along with a curated playlist to jog your memory of key plot points.

And to prove that the cast gets along off-camera too, we rounded up nine times they power-bonded, just because. You're welcome.

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