Orange is the New Black - Christmas Parody
Credit: Courtesy YouTube

Tough Litchfield prison, the setting for Orange Is the New Black, might not be the first place you'd associate with Christmas cheer, but the new "'Twas a Night in Litchfield" video created by show-runner Jenji Kohan and the crew, suggests otherwise.

In a parody of "The Night Before Christmas," the inmates recount the events of Christmas Eve. "The cell phones were stashed in the walls all around, in hopes that the contraband wouldn't be found," as Poussey Washington (Samira Wiley) and Red Reznikov (Kate Mulgrew) recall, when suddenly there's a commotion in the yard as Santa and his reindeer touch down.

Naturally, with this crowd, Santa's taking his chances. "We may have robbed and roughed up St. Nick," Selenis Leyva​ (Gloria Mendoza) admits. Most of his presents are of a practical nature to improve life at the prison—books for the library, grass for the yard, and real food for the kitchen—but there are a couple of personal indulgences, like eyeliner (though perhaps that's a necessity).

Releasing a Christmas parody video is becoming something of an OITNB tradition. Last year's offering was "Holidays at Litchfield," a parody of "The 12 Days of Christmas" featuring gifts like "four stalking girls," "three ice cream cones," "two yogurt cups," and "a chicken in the yard." Litchfield may never be a hotbed of peace and goodwill towards men, but no one can say it isn't full of (home-brewed) holiday spirit!

Watch the video here (the dialogue is slightly NSFW, though tame by OITNB's usual standards):