Oprah Reveals the One Question Everyone Asks Her After She Interviews Them

Oprah Winfrey has interviewed hundreds of people throughout her career, from A-listers to average Joes, but curiously, they all tend to conclude their interviews with the same question.

At a panel at the Tribeca TV Festivalon Saturday, the media mogul let her audience in on the question on everyone's lips after her interviews, and it's pretty humorous if you ask us.

“Everybody that I ever interviewed, after every interview, at some point somebody would say, ‘How was that? Was that OK? How’d I do? Was that OK?” she said.

“Whether it was Barack Obama or Beyoncé or the guy who’d murdered his kids, the guy who had molested kids or somebody who’d been on and lost their family, at the end of every interview somebody would say, ‘Was that OK?’”

Truthfully, we can't blame them. An interview with a legend like Winfrey is enough to make anyone's knees knock, but thankfully, she seems to have a sense of humor about it all.

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