Oprah Shares Her First Book Club Pick Since Last Summer and It's Juicy

You get a book! You get a book! You get a book!

If you’re a big fan of Oprah, prepare to jump for joy: the media mogul has finally introduced a new pick for her beloved Book Club. She last suggested we all flip the pages of Behold the Dreamers last June, but hasn’t told us what she’s dog-earring since—until now.

On Tuesday, Oprah took to her website to drop a new video about her latest selection, An American Marriage by Tayari Jones ($17; amazon.com). So what’s it about? According to Oprah, it’s a modern love story.

“The novel redefines the traditional American love story,” she said. “You’ll come away with greater empathy and understanding but even if you don’t, it’s just a really great read. It’s the perfect book to read along with a friend or family member. You’re going to want to have someone else reading it because it’s so juicy.”

More specifically, An American Marriage follows the lives of three people whose lives change after a man named Roy is wrongfully convicted of a crime, and faced with 12 years in jail. His wife, Celestial, knows Roy is innocent, and the book follows their journey as she turns to Andre, the best man at their wedding, for comfort and support.

Jones took to Twitter to share her excitement. “Thank you, @oprah, for extending your hand to me and my new novel, An American Marriage. I am honored to join your book club and connect hearts and minds by raising our voices and telling our stories,” she wrote, alongside with a photo of her with Oprah.

“I think [Oprah] likes a human story that sheds light on an issue, but an issue in which the people come first,” Jones told People.

“I think she likes a story—I call then ‘Trojan horse books’—where you come and stay for the people but you learn something, too. The people sneak the issue in your heart.”

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