Oprah Drops a Tiny Detail About Her Recent Vacation with the Obamas

Mum’s been the word on Oprah’s recent star-studded yacht trip to French Polynesia with Barack and Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Bruce Springsteen, and business mogul/luxury yacht owner David Geffen (among others).

She can’t blame us for wanting to hear all about the vacation—I mean, Oprah and the Obamas together for an extended period of time? They must’ve devised some sort of brilliant, world-changing scheme, right? Well, the former daytime talk show host and media icon has been keeping her vacay deets close to the heart, telling Extra, “This is the deal: What happens on the boat stays on the boat.” Point taken, Ms. Winfrey.

However, after much journalistic prodding, Oprah finally dropped a few lines about the trip.

“There were conversations all the time, that’s all we did was talk. We talked and everybody else did a lot of paddle boarding,” Oprah admitted. “I’m not really good with the ocean. Me and the ocean don’t get along too good. There was a lot of paddle boarding, snorkeling, jet skiing, lots of good stuff.”

It’s a good start, but we’re still hoping she pens a yacht party tell-all in the coming months.

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