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Seth Meyers - Late Night
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Tonight, comic genius Seth Meyers trades his shared desk at Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update for a solo seat as host of Late Night, taking over Jimmy Fallon's former seat. Since this zinger king has years of experience staying up while most of us are getting ready for bed, we asked him how he rolls after-hours -- really! One choice activity? Late night eBay searches for old-school football memorabilia, with which he plans to deck out his new office. "I'm currently very nostalgic about the football teams of my youth. Also being married now, I realize that a lot of the crappy stuff I used to hang up in my apartment now is not going up in my apartment," he tells InStyle exclusively. "So I'm like 'Oh, I'll get these old Pittsburgh Steelers posters, but I'll put them up in my new work office. If you're currently bidding on something that is Steelers-related, and if you are losing to someone, it's likely me." Keep scrolling to find out what else Meyers gets up to when the sun goes down, then catch his first Late Night show on NBC tonight at 12:35 AM EST.

Q: What's your tipple of choice?"Scotch on the rocks. But my Irish bartender says I'm ruining it with ice."

Q: Who do you call after midnight?"Friends who have left SNL for the West Coast, like Amy Poehler. It's not 1:30 AM there!"

Q: Any recurring dreams?"I rarely have dreams about comedy, but once I was a waiter, and I still have nightmares that table 11's check is open. It's terrifying."

Q: What do you watch late at night?"My wife and I just started Enlightened. If we're in bed, I'll have to watch it again, because she's asleep in five minutes."

Q: Favorite late-night destination?"I am still a big lover of a great local bar. Preferably a good, local Irish bar. I see very little downside in ending up there."

Q: What music do you listen to before bed?"I don't listen to music at all. I don't listen to music much at all in the house. I pretty much only listen to music when I work out, but my wife -- we have a Sonos -- she loves country music, so now I've realized I might as well be in Nashville. I walk around the house listening to country music all night."

Q: Do you snack late at night? Favorite late-night snack?"I'm pretty good. Sometimes when I'm working late I will have way too late of a meal, but I don't really snack that late. It is not beyond… It's like all of a sudden you sometimes realized that it is 11 o'clock at night and you haven't eaten dinner. And you dinner options are not that good 11 o'clock at night in New York City. Greatest city in the world."

Q: What do you find yourself tweeting about at 2 AM?"I tweet but I'm pretty good at not tweeting at two in the morning. I like to tweet in the cold light of day."

Q: What about your pre-bed beauty routine?"My wife can shame me, at least with my wife I’m not missing brushing my teeth. But really, my beauty routine is sitting in bed and waiting for my wife to finish this thing she does to her face every night."

Q: What do you wear to bed?"I am pretty much like, boxers. Sometimes boxers and a T-shirt. On really cold nights sweatpants and a T-shirt."

Q: Favorite before-bed app? Any that you like in particular before bed?"Well there is an app called, Comixology which is a great comic book app and I never thought that I would enjoy reading comic books on my iPad, but it is fantastic. That has been great. And then Scrabble. I love playing Scrabble on my iPad. I do play actual Scrabble, too. I don't really want to be playing with friends. I play against the computer on the hardest level and I win like one every six games, which isn't bad. That’s probably high, too. Probably a little bit less."

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— Megan Deem

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