Miranda Rae Mayo, TIFF

ABC doesn't save all its soaps for Thursday night. This Sunday, September 27, the network delivers another one for after dark: Blood & Oil, which premieres at 9 p.m. EST. The show takes place in Williston, North Dakota, where there has just been a gigantic oil discovery. The potential for money and power draws an ensemble cast together itching for both.

Don Johnson returns to TV to play Hap Briggs, an oil tycoon, and Amber Valletta plays Carla, his wife. Chace Crawford bounces from the streets of Gossip Girl's New York City to the Midwest to play Billy LeFever, and his wife, Cody, is played by newcomer and future red carpet superstar Rebecca Rittenhouse (side note: she looked amazing in Georges Chakra at the Emmys). Even though it's these two couples you've been seeing all over the billboards for the show, there are a few more players involved that up the ante on the drama.

We met one of them, Miranda Rae Mayo, while in Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival, where she premiered her horror flick, The Girl in the Photographs. In the show, she plays Lacey, the illegitimate biracial daughter of Briggs (Johnson). "Basically, you can expect this show to have drama, scandal, and Don Johnson," she said with a laugh. "It's absolutely captivating." Her character seems to be in the middle of it all. "My character is a sass pot," Mayo said. " She is fiery; she is witty; she is educated. She is a little bit more street. She is a little bit more gritty."

Catch all her sassiness when the show premieres tonight (Sept. 27). And stay tuned: She's also playing Joshua Jackson's love interest in the second season of The Affair, starting October 4. Cole Lockhart will move on! Hallelujah.