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'Tis the season for shopping! Actually, it's always the season for shopping. According to the Wall Street Journal, retailers roll out their merchandise for 13 to 20 annual shopping seasons, so shoppers buy more impulsively (way beyond spring, summer, fall and winter sprees). Here are some of the seasons shoppers whip out their credit cards for:

1. New-Years/Organization Season (Early January)2. Health and Wellness (January through February)3. Super Bowl Season (January through February)4. Lawn and Garden Season (April)5. Allergy Season (Late Spring)6. Back to School (Going on now!)7. Fall Party Season (October)8. Women's Health (October)9. Halloween (October)10. Early Entertaining (October through November)10. Cough, Cold and Flu Season (November)11. Black Friday (The day after Thanksgiving)12. Entertaining for the Holidays (December)13. Holiday Gifts (November through December)

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