The One Mistake You're Probably Making With Your Blush

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Angelique Serrano is InStyle's beauty director. Follow her on Twitter (@AngieintheCity) and Instagram.

As a beauty editor, I'm ashamed to admit that I've been applying my blush incorrectly for over 10 years. So let's just say that I've recently learned a new method that requires nothing more than a few taps of the finger, and the results rival the face-lifting abilities of a microcurrent treatment. Don't believe me? I'll explain...

Recently I met with the lovely and insanely talented makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, creator of the natural makeup line RMS Beauty. (If you've never heard of the brand, I give you full permission to stop reading and check it out right now.) She took one look at my ruddy cheeks and politely asked if she could give me a little freshening up. (Uh, yes please.)

Swift grabbed her soft pink lip shine in "Sublime" ($25; rubbed her fingertip into the pot and then dabbed it along the very top of my right cheekbone. She pressed the color so high up on my face that it almost looked as though she was applying under-eye concealer. She encouraged me to trust her (not a problem) and when she was done, she handed me a mirror. My. Mouth. Dropped.

The right side of my face looked tighter, more lifted and positively younger. The blush on the left side of my face, she explained, was positioned too far down on my cheek and thus was creating a droopy effect. I took the lip shine and repeated the process on the left side of my face—dab, dab, only along the very top of the cheekbone, and up into the temple. My 10-second face lift was complete, and my beauty world hasn't been the same since.

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