Once Upon a Time Is On Tonight: The Cast Talks Their Favorite Costumes!

Once Upon a Time costumes
Photo: http://img2.timeinc.net/instyle/images/2013/WRN/030813-once-upon-a-time-lead-2-340.jpg

Every Sunday, some of our favorite fairytale stories come to life on Once Upon a Time—and the magical special effects aren't the only reason why it's all so believable! Senior Costume Designer Eduardo Castro creates stunning costumes for stars Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, and more that look like they popped right out of a storybook. "We really don't have to use our imagination that much," said Goodwin (who plays the show's Snow White) at PaleyFest when asked how the costumes help her get into character. "We really are in these worlds." It's not to hard to imagine it! Click through for more from the actors' on their all-immersing costumes, and tune into ABC at 8/7c for the latest episode of Once Upon a Time.

— Nicola Jones

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