It has been a major week in music news, guys. (Big week. HUGE!) First, Taylor Swift announced that she's dropping a new single, and a new album—and then she showed off a new, goth-lite look. Then—without even a snake to warn us—we learned that Demi Lovato has a new album in the works, too. What?!

On Wednesday, the singer casually took to Instagram to ask us all to save the date for September 29. That, you see, is when Demi will drop a new album called Tell Me You Love Me. But, if you're really a devoted Demi fan, you can pre-order the sure-to-be pop sensation tonight at midnight.

To accompany the announcement, the pop princess posted a series of moody, black-and-white snaps that showcased a sexy look. (The blazer-and-cleavage combo never fails.) Demi even shared a short video that showcased her singing her heart out in the studio.

Isn't this anthemic? We kind of can't wait to learn all the lyrics and belt out this baby in the shower:

With the VMA's coming up on Sunday, we'll be keeping our eyes and ears open for any more news from our favorite pop stars. And till then, we're going to re-watch the above video, oh, 70 times.