2012 Olympics London
Credit: AP Photo/Ben Curtis

It's finally here! Though technically, the 2012 Olympics are already underway—soccer matches were happening last night—tonight's Opening Ceremony marks the official beginning of the London games. And if the rumors are true, we'll be treated to a Danny Boyle-directed event featuring a performance from Paul McCartney and an epic showdown between Brit lit favorites Mary Poppins and Lord Voldemort. Plus, a Kate Middleton spotting, of course. Who wouldn't want to witness all that?! To watch the event live (London's ahead of us), head on over to, or download the official NBC Olympics app to stream it on your phone. Plus, NBC will air a taping of the Ceremony at 7:30 pm/ET tonight. May the odds be ever in Team USA's favor, and let the games begin!

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