Ryan Lochte Cologne
Credit: Landov; Courtesy Photo

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has been making as many waves for his gold medal swims as he has for his over-the-top personality. And we love learning about the intricacies of his life! The latest revelation: he Tweeted that CREED makes his favorite scents. Of course, the fragrance house is thrilled: “The House of CREED is honored and pleased to be selected by Mr. Lochte, a distinguished Olympian of astounding ability and tremendous personal style,” representatives of the house told exclusively. While the swimmer didn’t name a specific flacon, we like Green Irish Tweed, which contains notes of violet leaves and sandalwood, and the citrus-scented Imperial Milissime. Pick up a bottle for your guy, priced at $155 to $580, over at

Which sexy scents works for you?