By Pam Majumdar
Updated Feb 20, 2014 @ 8:15 pm
Credit: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Today in Sochi, the ladies took the ice for the Olympic figure skating final. If you saw Ashley Wagner's program, then you also saw her bejeweled Delilah-inspired costume. We got all the details on her look from costume designer Jan Longmire.

Wagner had been skating to Romeo and Juliet all season, but when she decided to go back to a program just a few weeks before Sochi that she believed better suited her competitive drive, that meant saying goodbye to her planned outfit, and bringing in this marigold-colored number. Longmire, who has been designing figure skating outfits since the 1984 Olympics, told that she had about two weeks to re-design and hand-bead Wagner's revamped goldenrod costume for her Samson and Delilah program.

Longmire said that the beads and other add-ons are not just to make the outfit pretty (although that is definitely an added bonus!). "I do just about anything else that will add texture to it and brilliance, that’ll reflect the light," she says. "They’re just really little mirrors that are lighting up this person so that you can see them (on the ice)." In an age of social media, it's no surprise that Longmire uses Pinterest as a virtual mood board. (Check out her Delilah-centric board.) What else goes into it? A ton of research. "If it’s going to be too heavy, then I have to go back and lighten it up, because real Middle Eastern jewelry is heavy and not shiny, it’s more just metallic," she said. And getting Wagner her new costume quickly was also a lesson in time management. "Ashley got her new Delilah dress four hours before she boarded a plane for Sochi!" Longmire told us. We're certainly impressed!