You'll Want to Carry These Disney Character Clutches Everywhere

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Olympia Le-Tan wants to help you achieve your fashion happily ever after. We fell in love when the French brand debuted their first Disney-themed collection earlier this year, which included clutches featuring character favorites Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella. Even Cinderella star Lily James loved the line—she was spotted carrying one featuring the princess at a screening of the film.

And now the label has upped the ante with a new line that pays tribute to the animal stars of Walt Disney's classic films. Dumbo, Bambi, the Aristocats, Lady and the Tramp, and the 101 Dalmations all make multiple appearances on four of the designer's signature bag styles. But does Le-Tan have a favorite? "I'm obsessed by Dumbo's head on the Dizzie bag. He's so cute he makes me smile whenever I look at it," the designer confesses.

See more of the new collection below, and shop it now at the Olympia Le-Tan flagship store in Paris and on

Pictured above: Dumbo With Mouse, $1496;

Olympia Le-Tan Disney Clutches - Embed 2

Bambi Rabbit, $1513;

Olympia Le-Tan Disney Clutches - Embed 3

Lady and the Tramp, $840;

Olympia Le-Tan Disney Clutches - Embed 4

101 Dalmations, $1513;

Olympia Le-Tan Disney Clutches - Embed 1

Aristocats Family, $840;

Olympia Le-Tan Disney Clutches - Embed 5

Walt Disney, $1513;

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