Credit: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures; Valerie Macon/Getty

We asked Olivia Wilde all about getting in fighting shape to play catsuit-clad Quorra in TRON: Legacy, and not surprisingly, it wasn't easy. “I would wake up way earlier than anyone should ever wake up and go do cross training, cardio training and martial arts training for a few hours. I completely physically transformed my body. I have never looked like that before and I will never look like that again,” she said. Wilde also told us that transforming her body helped her shape her character: “It was the first time I realized how important physical training is to creating a character beyond just the aesthetics. Once I understood what it was like to be able to fight and to have those kinds of muscles and strength, it changed the way that I walked and stood.” The actress admits she was relieved when she stopped working out so hard. “The entire time we were shooting 'Tron' I was planning my meal on the wrap day,” she laughed. As for what she indulged in, Wilde said, “I'm married to an Italian and so it was all about the pasta and the wine!” TRON: Legacy opens on December 17.

—Reporting by Scott Huver