Isabel Jones
Nov 22, 2017 @ 11:45 am

While we’re drudging through the November chill, Olivia Wilde is working on her tan in one of the world’s most picturesque locales: Hawaii!

Wilde, 33, who says she’s on her first vacation in a year, has been hitting the beach in style this week while traveling with her family.

Earlier in the week, the actress hit the shore in a black one-piece with buckle-bearing straps. On Tuesday, the mother of two struck again when she was spotted paddle boarding in a pink-and-blue striped one-piece (shop a similar look here), her short ombré locks pulled back into a half ponytail, a pair of black Ray-bans shielding her eyes from the Hawaiian sun, her phone strung around her neck on a lanyard.


Wilde couldn’t stop smiling as she paddled, a happiness she later addressed on Instagram with a snap from her Oceanside seat.

“If I started every day on a paddle board, I’m pretty sure I’d stop swearing at inanimate objects. Unless they truly deserved it. #firstvacationinayear #canyoutell #unfollowifyouhatesunflares,” Wilde captioned the dreamy photo. Wish we were there too!

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