Find Out Why Olivia Wilde Can't Stop Flipping Through All of The Adventures of Curious George

Olivia Wilde - Revlon Love Is On Million Dollar Challenge - November 18, 2015
Photo: Laura Cavanaugh/FilmMagic

Olivia Wilde may have to often speed from one red carpet to the next, but her busy schedule doesn’t mean she forgets to spend time with her sweet 1-year-old son, Otis, with dad and fellow actor Jason Sudeikis. Inside of the third annual Save the Children Illumination Gala Tuesday night in New York, Wilde was honored for her charitable work and passion for helping underprivileged families find access to proper healthcare. Appropriately, the proud mother was happy to gush about her little man.

So what’s her favorite pastime with the toddler? “We read everyday,” Wilde told reporters at the event. “I learned a lot about early childhood education, particularly reading to infants while I was pregnant. I knew the moment he was born I wanted to start reading to him. And it feels a little funny to me reading to an infant that can’t see yet more than a foot beyond their face.”

Though the hobby may feel awkward, she still stands behind it. “I truly believe that that ritual being created, of reading together, created not only a stronger bond between us, but has affected the way he’s now started learning to speak and his connection to books, which is very strong.” Otis’s favorite bookstore find? “We just got really into Curious George,” she beauty added. “So we’re kind of plowing through all of the Curious George adventures.”

We can’t wait to see a ‘gram of Otis reading on his own.

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