Olivia Wilde Regrets Not Naming Her Daughter Oprah

Olivia Wilde picked an adorable name for her daughter, Daisy Josephine, but as she’s seeing more and more of the 1-year-old’s personality, she’s starting to think that she might have chosen the wrong moniker.

The mom of two shared a photo of her toddler lounging around in bed in the cutest white pajama set with a huge smile on her face. “It’s moments like these I hate myself for not naming her [Oprah],” Wilde joked on Instagram. “Girl knows how to LIVE.”

BRB, swooning at this photo (and that "Otis' mom" pillow). The actress also shared an equally sweet pic of her 3-year-old son Otis totally conked out in the backseat of her car. “True love happening in my backseat. I’ll just stay here and roast in the car (even though we’ve been home for 15 mins) so I can stare at this situation,” she wrote.

“Both my kids had a hard time adjusting from subway cars to car seats when we came to LA for some work recently (translation: they screamed 100% of every ride) until we FINALLY found the right seats.”

“Keep your maniacs alive and well, so they can scream at you for other reasons, like when you accidentally fracture the granola bar before handing it to them. The horror!” she joked.

Looks like these kids know how to lounge.

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