Olivia Wilde's Photo of Her Baby Girl Has an Incredible Message Behind It

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since Olivia Wilde welcomed her daughter, Daisy, but the adorable tot is celebrating her first birthday today. Wilde shared a photo to Instagram where Daisy looks surprisingly like both mom Olivia and dad Jason Sudeikis.

But as cute as this photo is, her note is even sweeter. “My curious, courageous one, I promise we’ll work hard to make this place better for you and your sisters everywhere. We’ve taken some hits recently, but I believe we are even more determined because of it,” she wrote.

“We dream of a time when you won’t have to apologize for your brilliance, or sacrifice your self-respect to prove your worthiness. This world is yours, kiddo. We’re just the cleanup crew. I love you. Happy birthday,” she wrote, in honor of Daisy’s big day, which also happens to fall on the International Day of the Girl.

Never one to pass up the opportunity for an epic throwback, Wilde also shared a photo of herself in labor with Daisy last year, giving the middle finger to the camera. “A year ago, today, juuuust as the drugs kicked in,” she joked. “Daisy’s birth was a little bit complicated,” she added, thanking her birthing team.

“Let’s hear it for modern medicine. It shouldn’t be reserved for the lucky few. Happy birthday, Daisy girl!”

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