By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated: Nov 20, 2017 @ 10:28 pm
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Believe it or not, the holidays are almost here, and with that comes gift giving for friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and a medley of others to show your well wishes. As fun as it is to give people presents, it can also be a source of stress if you don't know exactly what to get someone.

A nice bottle of wine is a solid go-to, but if you want something a bit more thoughtful, you should take advice from Olivia Wilde because she happens to have some magnificent suggestions.

InStyle caught up with the actress at Tiffany & Co. flagship store's pre-opening of its Blue Box Cafe, and she revealed the best holiday (and baby!) gifts she chooses to give instead of something generic. Just a warning: You should grab a pen and paper, because you'll want to take notes.


1. Framed Photos

"I love to frame photos for people and give them things that they don't tend to do for themselves. Speaking about the day and age we live in, we go through photographs in a way where everything is digital," she said.

"We speed through photographs and forget what photos have been taken. We don't really have any tangible evidence of our lives, it all sort of speeds through the Internet. We have vague memories of it, we post it, and ironically Instagram will become everyone's memoirs because that's where the evidence of your lives has ended up. But framing photos is something I'm a big believer in, so I like to give those."

2. Books You've Actually Read

"My method for gift giving is always if you give a book, you better have read the book. Don't give a book you haven't read. If you give a picture frame, it better have a picture in it. And if it's a baby gift, it shouldn't be something you either didn't see your own child loving or something that is disposable and unspecific to the child you're giving it to," she said.

"So I think yeah, bringing back that sense of appreciating items more and not just contributing to an ever-growing landfill thoughtlessly."

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3. Practical Things That Can Become Heirlooms (Like Hairbrushes)

"I think of my grandmother's old silver hairbrushes in her vanity. There's something about a [Tiffany] baby brush that makes me think of that because it's sturdy," she said. "Whether it's a cup that you put pencils in, or whether it's a hairbrush, or whether it's a vase, I think there's something beautiful about an everyday item that is so well-made that you will keep it forever."

"My go-to gift when a friend has a baby is the Tiffany baby hairbrush. Ever since someone gave it to me for my first child engraved with his name, I thought that was the most beautiful thing and I want to do that for everyone," she said. "So if you know me and you have a baby, you will likely receive a Tiffany hairbrush. I think it is something that's really extraordinary and special, and something those babies will hopefully keep forever and know it was used on their little heads when they were just brand new."