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Today in Times Square Revlon will unveil their newest campaign starring Olivia Wilde called "Love is On." The "Global Love Beacon" will be an interactive billboard to serve as a destination for people to share their love for each other. Consumers will be encouraged to connect with @Revlon and use hashtag #LOVEISON for a chance to appear on the Times Square billboard or at InStyle sat down with the new mom to talk about her must-have beauty products, favorite holiday indulgences, and what really makes a woman beautiful.

What are some of your favorite new products from Revlon?I find that winter and the holidays is a fun time to just play a little bit more with makeup. I think I tend to wear more eye makeup and maybe bolder lip colors in the winter and that’s kind of what’s good about holiday parties—being able to go a little bit over the top. It’s the one time you can wear glitter without being a stripper, and I really enjoy that opportunity. The new Eye Art products ($9; are super fun and they're perfect to pair with a sparkly top. That’s something I think is going to be fun for all of those holiday parties.RELATED: Olivia Wilde’s Ultimate Beauty Secret: “Get Knocked Up”How about the classic red lip?I like deep reds. The one problem with lipstick sometimes for me is that it doesn’t stay and I’m constantly wiping it off my forehead or my ear, and I really hate that, so I really like the ColorStay, the Ultimate Suede ($10; There’s good nice, red, poppy colors, like “Boho Chic” is a fun one, and I think you should feel free to wear lip colors, but you really don’t want it to end up everywhere, and I honestly have found it on my forehead and my ear. I have no idea how my own lips get on my own neck. It just doesn’t make sense.

olivia wilde
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What’s on your wish list for the holidays as they approach?Oh my gosh, well…time. Time is always on my wish list, when I can just hang out and not work and be with my little family, so that’s what I’m looking for this year. In terms of actual things, I don’t know.

Are there any treats you plan on indulging on for Thanksgiving and the holidays that maybe you don’t normally allow yourself?Yeah, all of them! I love it. I really indulge throughout the holiday season. It kind of starts with Halloween and it goes 'til March. I really love to cook, and I love to cook holiday meals because I love all the sides. I love cooking Brussels sprouts and yams.

So you’re the cook?Yeah. I enjoy the challenge of coming up with a new way to prepare a set group of ingredients that are traditional and seasonal. I just think it’s fun now that I get to introduce that to my child who has just started eating solid foods--I get to introduce him to pumpkins and all that fun stuff.

Do you feel like your skin or your hair, as the weather gets colder, starts to change? Is there anything you do differently in the winter? Yeah I think I use a thicker moisturizer in the winter because my skin gets really dry and kind of red. I really like the Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream. It’s pretty thick and I find that my skin drinks it up. It definitely makes it a better base for any sort of makeup I put on top of it because if you put makeup on top of dry, cracked skin, it’s not going to look pretty.

The campaign is all about love. How do you think love changes the way a woman looks?When I see a woman walking down the street and I think, “She’s beautiful,” it’s usually because she seems really confident and self-possessed and really loving herself. She’s not looking for validation from anyone else, and I do think you can’t love anyone else until you love yourself--it just doesn’t work, and then that love does translate to how you look. It radiates from you. And it can be the love of your partner, which obviously has such an amazing effect on how you feel. You can’t eat because you’re so excited…but it’s also love for your child. I find that the deep love that’s introduced to you as a mother makes you feel beauty of a different type, and you walk around the world with a different admiration and appreciation of the world. I will say you just can’t be a good partner, and you can’t be a good mother, and you can’t be a good friend unless you really love yourself, and I think that that is something we learn from life and maturity. I think it’s something that I really enjoy about getting older, is honing in on that a little bit and meditating on it a bit more and understanding the difference between self-obsession and confidence. I think that’s a normal part of growing up, understanding the difference. I think that beauty and style and all that fun stuff is a great way to celebrate that self love.

Wilde also told us, "InStyle has always been so awesome and I feel like it’s one of my homes from the beginning. I love everybody there." The feeling is mutual!