By Instyle
Updated Dec 20, 2017 @ 9:45 pm

It was a big day for Olivia Wilde. The actress's Emmy award for winning the Outstanding Short Documentary for Body Team 12 arrived, and it struck an emotional chord for the star.

In an Instagram post, Wilde shared a story about what receiving the statue meant to her. "This lady showed up in the mail today. Otis approves," she wrote alongside a photo of her son holding the statue.

"When I was a little older than he is now, my mom won an Emmy for excellence in news journalism, and when I played with it, and promptly broke the globe part off by accident, she told me it was okay, but now I just had to win her a replacement. Only took me 30 years. This is for her. Thanks for making me the proudest producer on Earth, @daviddarg, @brynmooser & @ryotnews. #bodyteam12."

Yep, cue the the tears. We're sure that Wilde's mom is very proud of her for winning an Emmy, and now the family has another statue—this time intact!