Olivia Wilde Reveals Her First-Hand Lessons in Love

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As the face of Avon's Today. Tomorrow. Always. scent, Olivia Wilde knows that love is a beautiful thing—though if you've ever experienced the feeling, or have seen any romantic comedy out there, you don't need her to tell you that. Grand gestures in the vein of Love, Actually are the norm in most plotlines, but off-screen, Wilde admits that it's the simple things that get her heart racing. "The most romantic gesture is when someone shows up out of the blue, surprising me to spend time with me when I didn't think I was going to get that chance," she says. "The best thing about love is that incredible feeling of excitement, the thrill of seeing the person you love. It just gets your adrenaline going, and there's nothing like it." Sounds like Mr. Sudekis knows how to keep his fiancée guessing!

Clearly, his support speaks volumes, and is evident in the bold strides she makes in her personal and professional life. "When I feel grounded and confident at home, I feel like I can step out in the world and take big risks," she adds. #RelationshipGoals, much? Of course, any partnership takes work, trust, and a lot of patience, with the latter virtue particularly important as a first-time mommy. "When I think of love that lasts a lifetime, my son Otis comes to mind," she says. "I've had so many moments where I've thought, 'OK, Otis, I'm learning. I promise I'll get better at this—just be patient with me.' It really does take patience." Trust us, Olivia. You're doing just fine.

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