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Olivia Pope is married—well, sort of.

During Thursday night’s 100th episode of Scandal, the Washington, D.C., fixer imagines an alternate universe where she decides not to rig the 2010 election that made Fitzgerald Grant the president of the United States. Instead, Grant leaves his wife Mellie and gets married to Olivia instead.

In the episode, Olivia (portrayed by Kerry Washington) walks down the aisle in an off-the-shoulder Anne Barge wedding gown, with a fitted bodice and full skirt, that costs $4,500.

Scandal Wedding Dress Anne Barge - Embed
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While it’s an unexpected look from the high-power crisis manager, who we usually see in fitted silhouettes, it was her pearl-encrusted updo that really got our attention—because it looked so familiar.

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In a tweet during the episode, Washington confirmed that she took inspiration from Hidden Figures star Janelle Monáe’s Golden Globes hair.

Janella Monae Hair - Scandal Wedding - Embed

Showrunner Shonda Rhimes even shared a photo of the script, which described the gown as “unbelievable, September-issue worthy, amazeballs.” We’d say they nailed it on the head with this gorgeous gown.

Now, the only thing left to wonder is if 2017’s Olivia Pope decides to walk down the aisle, what exactly would she wear? We’ll have to tune in to see.