Michelle Obama Olivia Pope
Credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images, Kevin Estrada/ABC via Getty Images

Thursday night's Scandal featured Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope in—gasp!—bright colors. We're not used to seeing our favorite D.C. fixer in anything but black, white, and gray. Consider us shocked! But did you notice the marigold-hued dress she wore underneath her double-breasted Alexander McQueen coat? It was the very same Narciso Rodriguez dress that Michelle Obama wore during her husband's final State of the Union address on Jan. 12.

Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo gave us the scoop on their matching looks. "I had actually been asked about Mrs. Obama and what I would dress her in for the State of the Union and I said something bright and sunny feeling since it's a celebration of her last SOTU," Paolo tells InStyle. "And then there she was in the same dress we had used three weeks before on Olivia. It was a complete coincidence!"

Since the show filmed prior to President Obama's last State of the Union, Paolo and Washington kept tight lipped about the twinning moment. "Kerry and I had a very funny Twitter exchange about it with a lot of nod, nod, wink, wink," Paolo says. "We could not give away that Olivia was going to be in brighter colors going forward."

During the State of the Union, Washington tweeted: "OMG! @lynpaolo are you watching SOTU?! @FLOTUS is wearing a very familiar dress! ... And she looks extraordinary. (But what else is new?!)."

We hope these ladies have more matching looks in the future—they both know how to rock a brightly hued dress!