By Janelle Grodsky
Updated Nov 14, 2014 @ 3:01 pm
Scandal, Kerry Washington
Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor

On last night's Scandal Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) made tough decisions, including betraying her father and hacking into client Elizabeth North's email to help her longtime frenemy Cyrus Beene. But what wasn't a difficult decision for the Gladiator was deciding on what colors to wear: black and white, of course!

"She's definitely back to being the Olivia Pope that we know and love," costume designer, Lyn Paolo, told InStyle, about the Ralph Lauren coat and Scandal Collection for The Limited peplum blouse that Pope wore in this episode. "Her wardrobe reflects that too. It's the black and white of it!"

But, Pope isn't the only one who stuck with that color palette in episode eight. Elizabeth North, played by the amazing Portia de Rossi, sported a striking ensemble as well: a black Armani jacket and skirt paired with a white Céline blouse. "She's such a powerful woman in D.C. so we really try to show that with her wardrobe," Paolo explained. "She's the highest end on the show, aside from Olivia."

Be sure to tune in to ABC next Thursday for the winter finale of Scandal!