By Priya Rao and Alexandra DeRosa
Updated Nov 19, 2015 @ 6:30 pm
Olivia Palermo
Credit: Courtesy

Sunglass aficionados, your latest hunt may be over. Olivia Palermo has collaborated with Westward Leaning for a second time on an exclusive line, dubbed The Rose Gold Collection. The offering, which features eight styles ranging from $225 to $275, almost didn't come to life because of one overlooked text message, Robert Denning, Westward Leaning's founder and CEO, tells InStyle.

"Olivia actually texted me over the summer and in one of my more irresponsible moves as a founder/CEO, I didn't read and respond for about a month and a half,” he says. “I'd just gotten a new iPhone and my contacts hadn't synced, so I ignored the unrecognized number! Talk about an epic fail."

Luckily for us, the partnership got back on track. "We decided right away that we wanted to anchor the collection around rose gold, and the rest was truly Olivia's doing: She chose the frame shapes, the acetate and wireframe colorways, and the totally avant-garde synthetic gemstone inlays," he tells us. “They have the most inventive, unexpected, iconoclastic side inlays we've ever featured; they are crazy (in a good way!) and totally eye-catching.”

It comes as no surprise that Palermo isn't afraid to take some risk. The street style star plays with fashion like no other: She mixes highs and lows, tries out new silhouettes, and always looks impossibly put together. "I keep my closet organized, so putting an outfit together is effortless,” she says. “I think about the day ahead of me and try to pack a sweater or jacket into my bag. If there is ever a day you are stumped on what your outfit should be, you can always start with an accessory and work around that.”

But while sunglasses are an extra that Palermo can totally get behind, not all accessories are created equal in her mind. Her number one fashion don’t? She says resolutely, “No crocs or clogs.”

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