Olivia Palermo's Navy Blue Lip Was Given the Rihanna Seal of Approval

Olivia Palermo Navy Lipstick - LEAD
Photo: Dominique Charriau/WireImage

Whenever we're eager to try out an unconventional lip hue, we always attempt to channel the confidence of our inner Rihanna as motivation before swiping on the color. But when Rihanna compliments said lip color, that's how you know you've made it. Olivia Palermo experienced such a blessing from Rihsus at Dior's Paris Fashion Week show, where she wore the navy blue lipstick we'll be obsessing over for weeks. "On Dior's fall runway, the lip look was a gloss, almost black lip shade up against matte skin. I took that inspiration and flipped it, keeping the skin radiant and dewy, but working off the matte texture of the navy lip," Palermo's makeup artist Daniel Martin tells InStyle exclusively. "When Olivia saw Rihanna at the show this week, she told her she loved her lip color, and that was all the validation we needed!"

Aside from making a statement so bold, it inspired even Rihanna, the Rouge Dior Visionary Matte shade ($35; sephora.com) Martin chose for the star also has some unexepected color-correcting properties. "The depth of the tone almost neturalizes sallowness in the skin, so when you wear it, it actually brightens your complexion," he explains. Because the shade has a velvet finish, Martin recommends contrasting it with fresh, radiant skin. A super-matte texture on the face can create a slightly gothic effect, whereas a dewy complexion will add some balance.

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