By Cristina Gibson
Updated Jul 23, 2016 @ 11:15 am
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Olivia Palermo made her Hamptons weekend trip a family affair, bringing along husband Johannes Huebl, her brother Grant and her white Maltese terrier Mr. Butler as she hosted the launch of Moët Ice Impérial Rosé at the Revolve house in Watermill on Friday afternoon. The fashionista made her Tularosa overalls look super chic (who else could pull this off so effortlessly?) and L'academie blouse from Revolve, Jimmy Choo flats and a high ponytail.

“With the Hamptons, it’s sort of a relaxed feeling and with this being outside, I think it makes more sense to be in flats and just have a fresh feel and not overdo it,” she told InStyle while sitting poolside and sipping a glass of Moët Ice Impérial Rosé. This is the second year in a row Olivia hosted an event with Revolve and Moët, but it’s the first time she was toasting their new Rosé on the rocks. “I think it’s light and nice and sweet,” she explained of their new summer sip.

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Although she and Johannes were spending this particular weekend out east, the chic couple spend their summers jet-setting all over the world. “Johannes and I are not in one place for very long but every summer, we spend June in the English countryside, then Paris for couture and then we’re in New York for a bit and then along the Amalfi coast, then we come home back to New York for a bit and then we end summer in the Hamptons,” she shared with InStyle. Sounds pretty fab to us!

When they are out East, Olivia enjoys hitting the beach and dinner parties. “I have to say I think the best part of the Hamptons is just taking advantage of the beach and having time being with friends and being at home having nice dinners,” she said. Style bloggers spending the weekend at the Revolve House such as Rocky Barnes and Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat echoed Olivia’s sentiment that relaxing at a beautiful home is the best, especially when it’s with your besties. “I love the Revolve house because it’s kind of like a big sorority and it’s like being back in college,” Danielle explained to InStyle. “It’s just like a bunch of girls having fun having a sleepover every night and we get to wear pretty clothes.” Cheers to that!

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