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Though all the Mother's Day festivities took place over the weekend, Olivia Palermo is giving her own mom a beautiful tribute with her nail lacquer collaboration with Ciaté. For her first collection, the star and creative director for the brand named the bold red hue from her spring collection (below, center) after mommie dearest as a homage to their many mother-daughter manicure outings.

"The color is called Hutch, which is her nickname," she tells InStyle. "We used to get manis and pedis together all the time growing up, and she only did red, so it stuck. I think it was really fitting to have it named after her."

Not surprisingly, so did her mother, Lynn Hutchings. Palermo says her mother was thrilled upon finding out the news: "She was so happy! She was like—'Ahhh, thank you so much!' It was nice."

The lineup also includes a one-size-fits-all nude hue, and a bold coral, which is also a nod to her upbringing. "Nantucket Red is a color I kind of grew up with, and I haven't been back in 15 years, but I still think of the color during the summer," she adds. Not to mention, warm corals look great against a tan, and can also make for some fun nail art options.

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The debate over whether or not nail art is dead is a hot topic in the beauty world, but according to Palermo, the trend isn't going anywhere. "I don't think it will ever be dead! Western cultures are always looking to Asia for nail trends because nail art and design is so amazing over there, so it's not gonna go anywhere," she tells us. "I think it depends on the editorial and the look, but I think it would be cool to mix a red with a black nail polish, or red with a deep purple would be quite cool."

But Palermo admits her husband Johannes Huebl isn't the biggest fan of the shades on the darker end of the spectrum. "He thinks it's a little goth, but that's okay—for a week, it's fine!" she says. "He loves everything I wear and rarely ever says anything, but the people who love you will always tell you the truth."

We're assuming some dark, vampy hues will be included in her fall lineup, but until then, shop each of her gorgeous spring hues at for $22 per bottle starting right now!