By Olivia Bahou
May 27, 2016 @ 7:30 pm
Charles Roussel/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

If it seems like Olivia Palermo was born to be a street style star, it’s because, in a way, she was. The designer and tastemaker started her jewelry collection at a very young age, with the help of her stylish mom and grandmother, and she continues to wear and cherish some of her very first pieces.

At an event for the new Piaget Possession Collection, which Palermo styled and modeled for in the campaign, the star told InStyle about the one piece of jewelry that she could never do without. “My gold ring that my mother gave me is an antique piece with a sentimental value,” she said, showing off the statement piece on her right ring finger.

In fact, much of her early jewelry was gifted by her mother and grandmother, who also started a sweet tradition with the fashion-obsessed youngster. “As a child, my mom and I started a collection together and as I got older, it evolved,” she told us. “I think that something that’s a nice little tradition, and I don’t think many people do it anymore, is charm bracelets. You can get those throughout your travels. You can do them in necklace version as well.”

It seems Palermo is determined for your favorite childhood jewelry trends to make a comeback, first touting trendy choker necklaces and then advocating for charm bracelets. And the stylish star still wears her cherished pieces, telling InStyle that her own charm bracelet and one she made with her mom still have a place in her jewelry box.

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There you have it—your childhood charm bracelet is officially back in style.