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Jennifer Davis
Feb 18, 2016 @ 3:45 pm

Kim Kardashian West shared her secret for gravity-defying cleavage yesterday, but she's not the only one offering up titillating advice. Olivia Munn took to her Instagram account to share how she keeps her girls looking good and we have to say, it sounds much more comfortable than Kardashian West's suggestion to use gaffer tape.

"Because so many of my girlfriends have asked, I thought I should just share my cleavage trick with all the girls out there: Nu-Bra," she wrote alongside a split photo, which shows her with and without the Nu-Bra underneath her clothes. "They're sticky cups with clasps in the center. So you can stick the cups to your boobs and then pull them together and snap the clips together to keep your cleavage up. No padding or boob inserts needed. Just helps accentuate what you naturally have (Left pic with it, right without it)." 

And just so you know, Munn's not getting paid to advertise for the company. "This isn't a paid ad, I'm just paying it forward for all the girlfriends who taught me tricks just like this." Consider us sold! Shop the NuBra at Nordstrom ($40; nordstrom.com). 

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