By Anna Hecht
Updated Feb 08, 2016 @ 2:45 pm
Credit: xmenmovies/facebook; Alamy Stock Photo

Don't worry, Ryan Reynolds. We'd react the same if tough girl Olivia Munn came at us with those sword-wielding skills. In a video posted Sunday to Munn's Instagram account, the actress, who's cast as Psylocke in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, showed her stuff with a sword. In the end, the Deadpool actor was rendered helpless as he stood holding a sword-shaped balloon. (That won't quite cut it, Ryan.)

Baring toned arms in an all-black ensemble, it's clear Munn has been practicing her katana fighting skills for quite some time. With a swift twirl-jab-change, the actress proved her worth with a weapon when she switched hands and maintained full control the entire time.

One thing is certain, we aren't messing with Munn anytime soon. Entertainment Weekly reported on Munn's recent Twitter Q&A where she revealed to fans how she "worked for many months... [doing] 6-7 hours a day of sword and taekwondo training" to prepare for her favorite scene—the fight scene.

After a look at this video, it seems her hard work has paid off. We'd advise her opponents in the upcoming Marvel film to steer clear of Munn, er, Psylocke, whenever she's holding a weapon.