But that doesn't change their own sisterhood.


Endorsements and enrollment aren't the only things in up in the air for Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose Gianulli. The sisters, who are two of the biggest names in the college admissions scandal, have been reportedly kicked out of Kappa Kappa Gamma, their sorority at USC. According to Us Weekly, a source close to the sisters said that the organization is trying to disassociate itself with the siblings.

"Olivia and Bella were both in Kappa Kappa Gamma and the sorority has since kicked them out and is trying to distance themselves from the situation as much as possible," the source explained. "This has strengthened their bond more than anything possibly could."

Lori Loughlin's Daughters Have Reportedly Been Kicked Out of Their USC Sorority
Credit: Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Bella and Olivia are taking on the scandal "day by day," handling each and every obstacle as it comes. While their parents, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, have kept low profiles since the scandal first made news, the sisters have been even quieter. The two only recently returned to social media to wish their mother a happy birthday. Other than that message, the two have been nearly radio silent.

The source noted that the sisters have been affected differently by the scandal. While Olivia has become the de-facto face of the scandal, her sister has also had to deal with the ramifications. Thanks to Olivia's higher profile as a budding social media influencer, she's gotten more headlines, but Bella is going through the same situation and the source adds it's been more emotionally taxing for her. Everything from Olivia's relationship to her brand partnerships has come under the microscope. For Bella, reports have been less intrusive, but she's still having to deal with rumors about her current status as a USC student and her parents' indictments.

"Olivia's world came crashing down quicker in terms of getting dumped and losing all of her business," the insider added. "But this all unfolded slower for Bella and it's been more emotionally devastating."

The scandal has also affected each daughter's relationship with Loughlin. While reports have emerged that Bella and her mother have had a falling out, Bella is reportedly leaning on her mother for support.

"Lori and Bella have remained incredibly close throughout and have been a wonderful support to one another," an insider told Entertainment Tonight. "Their closest friends feel it's been devastating to watch the effects this situation has had on their family and their relationships."