By Isabel Jones
Sep 21, 2017 @ 5:30 pm

Olivia Culpo, formerly Miss Universe, is one of the most glam people out there—and it's reflected on her Instagram.

She’s definitely one of our top Freaky Friday body-swap candidates, for obvious reasons (doughnuts, mostly):

Anyway, Liv is one of the few 20-somethings to appear on the scene in recent years who doesn’t have an obvious connection to fame (i.e.: famous parent, sibling, aunt, etc. ...). Culpo is the middle child of a Rhode Island family of five—she had a pretty typical childhood that just happened to culminate with her becoming a global beauty icon.

So who was Ms. Culpo before the spotlight came calling? She was a daughter and a sister, born to restaurateur Pete Culpo and Susan Curran Culpo. We’re not quite sure why it took us so long to do a deep dive on Olivia’s background, but we’re very glad we finally did, because LOOK AT HER DAD:



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Stone-cold silver fox, am I right?

Obviously, Culpo’s sibs are also regulation hotties:

The Culpos really lucked out in the genes department—oh, and also the JEANS department! Where’d you get those, Liv??

Yeah, total DILF is right—that's short of Dad "I'd like to Follow," in the words of the great Fergie.

While he doesn't appear to have a public personal Instagram account, the next best thing is dropping a follow on Rhode Island restaurant Back 40 Kitchen's 'gram, on which he and his famous daughter periodically appear: