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Updated: Jul 01, 2016 @ 11:55 am
Nick Onken

Olivia Culpo is way more than just a pretty face: The 2012 Miss Universe winner is devoted to improving children’s education through her new partnership with Pencils of Promise. InStyle can reveal that the model was recently named a Global Ambassador of the non-profit, which has built more than 350 schools to date, providing access to education to more than 33,000 students across the globe.

The honor was bestowed upon Culpo during her recent charitable trip to Guatemala, where she visited a community and broke ground on a new Pencils of Promise school, painting classrooms and participating in celebratory ceremonies. “I got to see first hand the impact they are creating for children’s education.  It is not only about helping these children achieve their dreams through education, but it is also about helping the community around the school to flourish,” she told InStyle.

Her favorite part? “Hearing the stories from the community leaders about the impact PoP has made on them and their families. You can feel the pride they have in their community because of the improved education the kids are receiving.”

This isn’t the first time Culpo has flexed her charitable muscles. She’s also volunteered with Project Sunshine and made visits to children’s hospitals. “I really love working with kids so I gravitate towards that kind of work,” she told us.

Along with Culpo, Pencils of Promise named Justin Bieber as a Global Ambassador earlier this year, and plans to add two more by the end of 2016. The stars will help raise awareness of the 250 million children who lack basic reading and writing skills across the globe.

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In these exclusive photos, the radiant model and actress meets with Guatemalan children, paints walls, and sits in on a class. Keep scrolling for a serious dose of inspiration.

Nick Onken
Nick Onken
Nick Onken