By Josephine Cusumano
Updated May 08, 2016 @ 7:15 am
Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

Former Miss Universe and street style star, Olivia Culpo, is turning 24 today! By now, it's obvious that Culpo leads a pretty busy social calendar. In fact, she's been everywhere from Hollywood to Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, and New York City in just the past few days. What's more, last month, she made her first visit to Coachella for just 24 hours, where she flew in on a helicopter just to "dip in."

Yet with her on-the-go lifestyle, Culpo also seems to make time for her family members, who, per Instagram, are known to bake up some delicious-looking pizzas in their at-home oven.

In honor of her 24th birthday, we're hoping Miss Universe 2012 takes a minute to pamper herself today—specifically the way she explained to InStyle just last year: "I've never done this but I would like to sit and have somebody do my manicure and pedicure and watch Food Network. I love that channel. It reminds me of growing up in my Italian family. I love cooking too."

In honor of Culpo's 24th birthday, here are 11 times we got to see her play out her realest moments on social media: