By Anne Vorrasi
May 14, 2015 @ 1:00 pm
Studio DIY

No themed party is complete without some kind of DIY love thrown in the mix. As we prep our own party for this Sunday's Mad Men series finale, we tapped Kelly Mindell, founder and editor of Studio DIY, for an exclusive and easy project that you can do at home to deck out your bar. As an homage to Roger Sterling -- often seen nursing a dirty martini -- Mindell created these larger-than-life olives that are made with just a few crafty materials. “Balloons are more versatile than they get credit for," she says. "If you aren’t finding the exact color you need, layer balloons inside one another to combine colors and inflate as one, like we did here. 

Read on for the full how-to. 

Studio DIY

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Green balloons (to make the perfect olive color, we stuffed a brown balloon inside a neon green balloon and inflated them as one)
Ribbon, string or fishing line
Balloon Time helium tank
Spray adhesive
Red tissue paper


1. Inflate your balloons with helium and tie with a ribbon or string.

Studio DIY

2. Cut out circles from red tissue paper, about 5 inches wide each.

Studio DIY

3. Spray one side of the circles with spray adhesive and adhere one to each balloon. We placed ours at varying spots on the balloons since no two olives are the same!

Studio DIY

4. Tie the olive balloon bouquet to a shot glass or martini glass and place on the martini bar for your party. 

Studio DIY

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