Olga Vidisheva, Founder Shoptiques

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It all started with a pair of high-fashion flats that Olga Vidisheva, 28, picked up on a trip to Paris. Her friends wanted to know where they could get them too, but the boutique didn’t have an online shop or a method of shipping overseas. This was mind-boggling to Olga: where was the Etsy for boutiques? In March 2012, the former banker created Shoptiques to bring the wares of small, local stores to the web. So even if you don’t live in Brooklyn or Beverly Hills you can shop like you do.

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How are you differentiating yourself in a crowded marketplace?Olga: The No. 1 thing is the product we provide. They’re one of a kind. You’re not going to get them unless you buy them on our site or you go to Paris. We also provide a service for the stores. Most of these stores have never been online. Now they can see what people are buying. They can use analytics; see what colors are selling. And their businesses are growing.

Who is your style muse?Olga: Sarah Jessica Parker and Hillary Clinton. They’re very different, but they both believe in self-expression through clothing. It’s important to dress authentically. Hillary really tries to take risks. It’s hard in politics to go out there and wear colored suits.

What item of clothing do you plan on splurging on this season?Olga: These little Zoe Lee booties. I love them. You can wear them with a super-simple outfit or dress them up.

What are your workday and weekend uniforms?Olga: I am very into white, simple tailored shirts. When I was working in banking, I wore a lot of BCBG. You wouldn’t think of them as a shirt company, but their shirts are very original. I also recently discovered Rory Vecca and I’m kind of obsessed. I’m also really into dresses. On weekends, I wear Diesel jeans and a simple t-shirt. I love Under Armour workout shirts.

You feel most creative when you’re wearing…Olga:I have this really cool necklace that my grandma gave to my mom when she was 18. It’s a butterfly necklace and I wear it all the time. It makes me feel like I get inspiration from my family.

—Michelle Hainer

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