Oil Slick Hair
Credit: auracolorist/Instagram

If gorgeous crops adorned with jewel-toned highlights have been populating your Instagram feed as of late, you have hair pro Aura Friedman to thank. As a nod to the varied tones in an oil slick, the Sally Hershberger colorist mirrored the effect by layering rich turquoise, magenta, violet, and yellow tones onto dark strands. We're considering it the brunette's answer to the blonde-based pastel hues that became the norm a few months back—since dark hues have to be lifted to take on the baby blue and cotton candy colors flooding Tumblr, oil slick hair offers a less-aggressive alternative, and but makes just as big of a statement. Check out more of Friedman's oil spill highlights below, and get ready to save every single image to your #HairInspo board on Pinterest.