Brooks was fatally shot twice in Atlanta on Friday.
NEWS: Charges Filed Against Officers Who Killed Rayshard Brooks
Credit: Facebook

Garrett Rolfe, the Atlanta Police officer who killed Rayshard Brooks after shooting him twice in a Wendy’s parking lot, has been charged with felony murder and aggravated assault. The other officer present at the time of the murder, Devin Brosnan, is facing charges as well and is currently on administrative leave. The news was announced in a press conference on Wednesday. 

Brooks, 27, was murdered on Friday after he was found sleeping in his car in the Wendy’s drive-through lane. He failed the sobriety test the officers gave him and resisted when they attempted to handcuff him. After a fight, Brooks got ahold of one of the officers’ taser and began to run away. When Brooks turned to point the taser at Rolfe, Rolfe shot him.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said that Rolfe said “I got him” after firing the fatal shots and then kicked Brooks as Brosnan stood on the man’s shoulder. No medical aid was provided for two minutes after the shots were fired. Brooks was still alive while the officers continued to abuse him — “he was there struggling for his life,” Howard said.

In Atlanta, there have been several protests demanding justice for following Brooks' death in the last several days. The Atlanta police chief, who was seen speaking with protesters earlier in June, resigned following the shooting. A GoFundMe page was set up by the family of Brooks to help take care of his wife and four daughters.

Two weeks ago, all four Minnesota officers who played a role in George Floyd's murder were charged in some capacity — Derek Chauvin, who kneeled on Floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes, has been charged with second-degree murder. The Louisville officers responsible for murdering Breonna Taylor still haven't been charged.