3 Beauty Products that Will Make Your Office More Zen in No Time

Zen Office Lead
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The struggle is real at three in the afternoon: I'm usually in a post-lunch food coma with sandpaper skin from the dry office air. And the end of the day is close (and yet so far away) that it just makes me plain cranky. That's why it's so important for me to make my desk a stress-free zone (except for all the very stressful things popping up on my computer monitor, obvs). Here's a few of the office space upgrades I rely on:

1. Face Oil. I learned this trick from a former boss who looked like she'd just returned from vacation every. damn. day. Once you hit a wall in the afternoon, pour two drops of face oil (one that's designed for your skin type) into your palms and gently press them onto your face. I'm a huge fan of Estelle & Thild's natural BioDefense Multi Nutrient Youth Oil ($68; netaporter.com), which smells like apricots and brings a pink—not red—color to my face and leaves behind a healthy-looking sheen. Just don't smear it around, otherwise you'll mess up the makeup underneath.

2. Floral Water. I'm a candle hoarder, but now that I'm in an open plan office, I can't burn them with abandon. What's a scent-obsesssed beauty editor to do? Invest in floral water. These tonics are basically just a mixture of steam-distilled plants and water, and I keep two at my desk from New York-based beauty brand Lake & Skye. I spritz the super feminine Jasmine ($69; lakeandsky.com) whenever I need an energy boost (or want to cover up the smell of someone's tacos), and I use the smoky Frankincense ($48; lakeandsky.com) when I'm wired and need to calm down. Unlike traditional perfume, I don't spray these on myself, I spray them all around me. The difference is immediate, like opening a window on a fresh, spring day.

3. Peppermint. Plain water is great, but it's kind of boring in the tastebuds department. I spike mine with Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil ($28.29; youngliving.com), which not only has digestive benefits, but also perks me up without caffeine. Warning: only put one drop in a regular 8 oz. glass—more than that, and the zing can be overwhelming.

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