Michelle Obama and Barack Obama - October 18, 2016 - LEAD
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In case we needed any more proof, famed chef Alan Wong has basically confirmed what we knew all along: the Obama family is perfect.

President Barack, First Lady Michelle and their two daughters, 18-year-old Malia and 15-year-old Sasha recently came back from their annual holiday vacation to Hawaii, where they dined at Alan Wong's Honolulu, the chef's original location of his famous restaurant.

The food often gets rave reviews and rarely does the James Beard award-winning chef give out his own reviews to his patrons, but for the First Family, Wong, of course, gave them a shout-out on Facebook: "A heartfelt Mahalo to the First Family for spending part of their holiday vacation with us each year," he wrote on the social media platform. "It's been an honor to serve them. Their visits have created memories that will last a lifetime for our staff, and we would like to say thank you for the spotlight they've put on all of us in Hawaii as a place to spend the holidays."

Clearly, this wasn't the first visit the Obamas have made to the restaurant. In fact, Honolulu Magazine reports that the president has been dining at Alan Wong's Honolulu since he was a U.S. senator.

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President Obama's final term is up in a matter of weeks, and we hope he and his family will take some much-deserved time off in the coming months.