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NYX Drop Foundation - Lead 2017
Credit: Courtesy (3); Time Inc. Digital Studio

One bottle, endless uses. Ever since the NYX Cosmetics Total Control Drop Foundation ($14; target.com) hit store shelves, we've been finding new ways to use the product every day. The formula is easy to blend and dries to a velvety matte finish, but when combined with other items in our arsenal, our product lineup is instantly doubled, and our skin has never looked better. Below, we've outlined a few ways we like to use our NYX Total Control Drop Foundation.

Wear It Solo

Because of its super-fluid texture, NYX's formula practically melts into your complexion, but still looks like an airbrushed version of your natural, naked skin. The colors span just about every shade from the fair to deep end of the spectrum, so we recommend picking up one that mimics your summer skin, and your winter skin. You can mix the two shades together year-round, and never risk working that telltale, mismatched foundation line around your jaw ever again.

Cut It With Highlighter

Ever notice how your skin doesn't quite glow the way it used to in the dead of winter? A few drops of liquid luminizer like CoverFX's formula ($42; sephora.com) will bring back the lit-from-within radiance your complexion held back in the warmer months. The finished effect is far from all-over sparkle—the mattifying pigments in the NYX foundation counteract the shimmer, but enough light will reflect from the illuminator to give your skin a healthy glow.

Mix It With Moisturizer or Serum

We love a good tinted moisturizer, but on those especially chilly days (when the office feels drier than ever), we often find ourselves wishing said tinted moisturizer focused more on the hydration than the makeup aspect. When the perfect balance can't be found on store shelves, make your own. Add a drop or two to your favorite moisturizer or hydrating serum, and mix together. This method also gives you the ability to make the formula as sheer or opaque as you see fit.

Add It To Your Primer

If traditional foundations don't have quite as much staying power for you, consider cocktailing a few drops with your favorite primer. We love Marc Jacobs's coconut-infused version ($44; sephora.com), which provides ample hydration for drier complexions. Similar to combining the foundation with your moisturizer, you can make the pigment as sheer or opaque as you want, while the addition of the primer prevents the color from melting or moving around. This method also allows you to mix your own concealer—take a pump of primer, add a drop or two of foundation, and mix until you get a thick, creamy consistency.