By Isabel Jones
Updated Oct 11, 2017 @ 4:00 pm
Credit: Getty

In 2015, Nude Yoga Girl appeared on the scene—an anonymous model and photographer who posts breathtaking images of herself in complex yoga positions, sans clothes (hence the “Nude” prefix).

NYG chooses poses that don’t expose her body fully, creating photographs that are about as modest as someone named Nude Yoga Girl could pull off. In fact, the posts’ captions are often more revealing than the photos themselves. The anonymous blogger discusses her insecurities in detailed accounts and shares aspirational quotes, all contributing to her central aim: self-love.

As NYG has built her social media following she’s become something of a body positive icon. Her fans are tagging her in nude yoga photos she’s inspired them to take, creating a movement of sorts across the social media platform.

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The trend has resulted in hundreds of nude yoga posts, the likes of which NYG herself is eager to promote.

“It's so much more than just the photo. You all sharing your experiences and stories with me ... I'm so grateful. Lot of hugs all of you! Together we can inspire many and support each other,” she captioned a recent collage of nude yoga photos.

We never thought the revolution would come in the form of nude yoga photos, but we’re here for it!